You can live a

life of wellness

I know because I've been where you are now. I went to over 10 dermatologists trying to find the answers to heal my eczema. After countless times of being told "You'll just have to live with it." I finally said NO. I committed to finding a way to heal myself because I could no longer stand to be unwell. My journey to healing led me to discover how unbalanced my body actually was. I learned how to balance myself to heal my body so that I can now say my skin is completely clear and I feel better than ever! 


treat the root,

not the symptoms

I learned that most people treat the symptoms of their health problems INSTEAD of treating the root causes. When I learned that my eczema was only a SYMPTOM of my imbalanced body, I began a journey to complete healing. I tackled the root causes of my diagnosis and finally found the answers I had so desperately searched for. 


toxins in=toxins out

We live in a toxic world. From processed and artificial foods to artificial fragrance and petroleum byproducts, we are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals. You can take vitamins all day long, but if your diet is filled with processed, chemically laden foods, your body will never heal. Toxin overload is the cause of many different symptoms. When we become aware of toxins, we can avoid them. Once we remove the toxins, we can help heal symptoms.